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Fantastic exhibitors and supporters have included Scoop Magazine, Lovereading, The Week Junior, Barrington Stoke, Collins Primary, Bloomsbury Books and a whole host of local organisations who work to encourage creativity and literacy.


In Summer 2017, supported by funding from West Sussex County Council,

author workshops took place after the morning event with 240 children at the host school!


Presentations focus on reading for pleasure and creative writing. Speakers have included Barrington Stoke, author Nikki Sheehan, Scoop Magazine, Inkpots Writing Workshops, and event organiser and Book Activist founder, Victoria Dilly.

Find out more about our previous events in July 2017 and October 2016 on the Book Activist blog!

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"Blank pages are scary! Be their inspiration!"

Nikki Sheehan, author,

on creative writing

"We had a brilliant time at the Bookchat Roadshow.

So inspiring to hear how to encourage those 'reluctant' readers."

Nature Nuture Sussex, exhibitor


Our Roadshow events have positive benefits for all those involved, but most of all the parents, carers and working professionals who want to inspire children's creativity; and of course, the children they support!  

“I wasn't sure whether it

would be worth coming as my kids are just starting to learn to read but I think it was exactly the right time.”


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“It was a fabulous morning with excellent presentations and entertaining authors”


“It was really helpful to confirm I am doing the right thing and to give me new ideas”


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Want to get involved in our next event? Contact [email protected] and register your interest!

All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.

All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.

All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.