Jamie Thomson


"Looking forward to receiving the oaths of allegiance on pain of death from all my minions at... no, wait, wrong speech. Umm.... Looking forward to helping parents getting kids reading and writing at the Bookchat Roadshow! Well, my books at any rate. Forget the other authors, pah!!!’


Jamie Thomson has been a successful writer of books and computer games for many years.  His book ‘The Dark Lord, The Teenage Years’, the first in a series, won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2012.  The Dark Lord is a comedic fantasy about a Dark Lord trapped in the body of a human boy here in modern day earth and made the top 100 kids books of the last ten years in the Sunday Times – 100 Modern Children’s Classics.  Other books include a series of comedy adventures in space, the Wrong Side of the Galaxy and A Galaxy Too Far. The books are about a about a fourteen year old boy called Harry who walked out of his house one day only to be abducted by aliens.  Jamie often gives creative writing workshops at festivals and in schools, working with children of all ages. He lives in East Sussex.  For more information visit

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