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Our experience working with children, teachers and parents has shown us that it can be really tricky finding and navigating the vast amount of information and resources available to support children's reading for pleasure ! As we have often said at our Roadshow events, we want to signpost the fantastic resources, websites and organisations that will help encourage children's creativity.


Reading for pleasure impacts on all areas of a child’s development and with this in mind we have created this Directory to help all those supporting children – whether in a professional or parental capacity.  We have chosen organisations and resources that have been really useful in our experience working in the schools and the community, and that reflect our passion for helping children reach their full potential and discover a lifelong love for stories and all the benefits that this entails. A work in progress, we will be adding to the Directory regularly so watch this space! Click on the logos to take you to each website.

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"Everything you need to know about children's books and authors"

The Reading Zone is an excellent resource for finding out about children's books, authors, illustrators and much more. With lots of dedicated 'zones' catering for everyone from families, to schools to young adults; there is something for everyone.  You can get involved by submitting books reviews and there's news about what's up and coming in the children's book world.

Useful for:

  • reviews and recommendations

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • resources and free events

  • finding out about authors and illustrators

  • Children's Book Awards

  • Bookshop (discounted reading group sets)

Toppsta is a book reading community website curating book reviews and recommendations for children aged 0-14. Started by a mum, this site aims to help all those trying to choose books - mums, dads, grannies, uncles etc and kids themselves of course! Reviews are written by the readers - whatever their age, parent or child or teacher. What better way to help you choose?!

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • reviews and recommendations

  • discovering new books and authors

  • engaging readers through writing reviews

  • book giveaways

The Week Junior is a fantastic current affairs magazine for children aged 8-14. Not only does it focus on news stories but also on stories from around the world.  It's a great way for children to find out what's happening around them in an age appropriate, but not patronising way. Presented in a friendly, colourful format, suddenly those complex, 'grown-up' things are much more accessible.

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • making sense of the news in an age appropriate way

  • encouraging curiosity

  • developing knowledge of a wide variety of topics and issues

  • Encouraging regular reading


"The Week Junior is the best thing since Rubik invented his cube!"

Jon Snow

Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning UK children’s science magazine which makes science fun for 6-11 year old children. The monthly magazine is packed full of activities, fascinating facts, science news and discoveries which spark the imaginations and help to inspire a love of science. Bright, colourful and full of images bringing Science to life, it’s a great way to encourage reading and budding scientists.

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • hands on scientific experiments

  • encouraging reading, creativity and curiosity

  • inspiring an interest in science and the world around us

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"Dig into the story!"

Scoop is a wonderful celebration of all kinds of writing for all kinds of readers!  A beautifully produced printed magazine, Scoop brings together writers and illustrators who create fiction and non-fiction for each publication. If there is something that will help your child discover the magic of stories, then this is it!  It would make a brilliant gift and great addition to the school library.

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • reviews and recommendations

  • finding out about authors and illustrators

  • encouraging creative writing (children can participate)

  • exposure to all kinds of writing from poetry to comics


"Every book review on is helping children, parents, grandparents, librarians and booksellers, discover the very best books for children."

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Nature Nuture Sussex is a community interest company providing forest school sessions for pre-school and primary aged children.  Their love of nature and the outdoors helps children tap into creativity and they often run storytelling sessions in the woods, alongside their forest school activities. We love their celebration of nature and that children can let their imagination run wild at forest school!

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers

  • encouraging a love of the outdoors

  • term-time and holiday activities

  • inspiring creativity through nature

  • encouraging community


"Forest school gives children the chance to experience nature and the outdoors on a regular basis."

"The awesomely amazing science magazine for kids!"

Helen Arkell Logo Online

Helen Arkell is a not for profit organisation offering support for adults and children with dsylexia and other learning needs. Through their services Helen Arkell help remove the barriers caused by these issues.   Helen Arkell give children and adults the tools to learn in their own way and help them achieve their full potential.

Useful for:

  • family advice

  • asessements

  • all those working in SEN

  • those interested in social and mental health of children

  • training at home and in the workplace for all ages

  • resources and free events

"Together we inspire people to believe in themselves, achieve their goals and succeed on their own terms."

Just Imagine works with schools in the UK and internationally to develop reading and writing schools, where stories and literature are at the heart of learning. The team work in all areas of literacy including training, school library services and book supply. They also run the Reading Gladiators inter school challenge. And they have great free resources on their website!

Useful for:

  • teachers, literacy coordinators and school librarians

  • training and literacy development

  • school library support

  • lesson planning and resources

  • beposke book supply

  • podcasts, author interviews

  • encouraging a reading culture


"Working in partnership with schools to develop life-long readers and writers."