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Our experience working with children, teachers and parents has shown us that it can be really tricky finding and navigating the vast amount of information and resources available to support children's reading for pleasure ! As we have often said at our Roadshow events, we want to signpost the fantastic resources, websites and organisations that will help encourage children's creativity.


Reading for pleasure impacts on all areas of a child’s development and with this in mind we have created this Directory to help all those supporting children – whether in a professional or parental capacity.  We have chosen organisations and resources that have been really useful in our experience working in the schools and the community, and that reflect our passion for helping children reach their full potential and discover a lifelong love for stories and all the benefits that this entails. A work in progress, we will be adding to the Directory regularly so watch this space! Click on the logos to take you to each website.

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Do you know an organisation that you think should be listed on our Directory? Have you used some brilliant resources that support children's reading for pleasure and creativity?  If you have a suggestion for the Directory, please email thebookactivist@gmail.com with details.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Useful for:

  • parents and families

  • whole school communities

  • advice for individuals and organisations

  • mental health guides

  • resources including toolkist and publications

  • in-house and open access training

Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people. They work to promote good mental health, championing the voice and needs of young people to ensure everyone from parents, to schools to government provide the best possible support.  Their Parent Helpline is an invaluable resource for anyone with a child suffering from mental health worries.

"The voice for young people's mental health and well-being."

WRd about Books (formerly tBk) is a quarterly magazine aimed at children aged 8-13 years. The ultimate aim is to get kids reading and with that in mind the magazine is full of book reviews, extracts and features to excite young readers. Quizzes, activities, comics and art are just some of the things used to entice readers, in addition to author and illustrator focus.  A great subscription to add to the shelf!

Useful for:

  • children and parents

  • schools, teachers, librarians

  • fun activities around books and reading

  • reviews and recommendation

  • finding out about authors and illustrators

  • reader engagement

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"WRd is the-finger-on-the-pulse of what's new and what's happening in children's books."

Words for Life is a website for parents full of practical ideas to support your child’s literacy at home, with great advice to encourage their reading.  Guidance sits alongside the communication milestones you might expect your child to reach, so you know how to support them at a particular point in their development.  It's a treasure trove of brilliant suggestions!

Useful for:

  • parents and carers

  • gudiance for children aged 0-11 years

  • fun activities around books and reading

  • supporting learning at home

  • reading recommendations

  • How to support Literacy through technology

"Words for Life is the National Literacy Trust’s website for parents."

words for life