Ready Steady Jump by Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds,  Age 3+


When the other baby animals laugh at Elephant for not being able to jump, he sets out to prove them wrong.  Hard as he tries, he just can’t jump! But then he realises that he can do something esle that no other animal can do...


A lovely story with bright colourful illustrations, featuring lots of animals that children will instantly love. Elephant is determined to jump like the other animals can, but is left feeling sad that he is different and can’t manage it.  However, a shock is in store when all the other animals find themselves in trouble and it’s up to Elephant to save the day!   A simple narrative brilliantly engages the audience and shows that it’s okay to be different and everyone is good at something.  This will be a favourite to be enjoyed again and again – with lots of joining in with the jumping!

Ready steady jump Children's book award

This book just ate my dog!  Richard Bryne, Age3+


Wanted. Nice reader to show this naughty book who’s boss.  Please help!


Little Bella takes her dog for a walk, only to find him disappearing through the pages of the book.  Ben tries to help but he disappears too, and so does everyone else!  It’s up to the reader of the book to tip them all out again and save the day.  I love the idea of this story and the interactive element. The illustrations are great; big and bold and even the typeface used stands out.  It’s a fun plot that brings Bella to life and I’m sure young readers will enjoy being made to feel part of the story.


this book ate my dog

Fabulous Pie, Gareth Edwards and Guy Parker Rees, Age 3+


What’s cooking the forest? It’s a fabulous pie! But what, or who, should go in it?  One bad bear has a very wicked plan. But will the woodland animals outwit him?


This is a great rhyming story which is sure to be a hit.  You can’t help but like the naughty bear just a little bit, but only because he gets his comeuppance at the end!   The bear is cooking and invites the other woodland animals to help him make the most fabulous pie ever.  Each adds their own favourite food to the pie, but little do they know that the bear is hoping for his own favourite fillings which the other animals will definitely not enjoy! Full of humour, which is brilliantly brought to life through the fantastic illustrations, you just know the bear’s dastardly plan won’t work! I loved this story, especially how the animals ingeniously make their narrow escape at the end – you can almost hear the audience cheer!  

fabulous pie

Is there a dog in this book? Viviane Schwarz,  Age 3+


Tiny, Moonpie and Andre – three cats- think there might be a dog in this book! Will you lift the flaps and turn the pages to help them find it?


This is a great book to share with interactive lift the flaps and characters that talk to the reader!  Children will love the three cats who are scared of the dog they think is in their book. The cats are certain the dog will be mean to them, because, after all, dogs hate cats...or do they?  The story unfolds with the cats hiding in all sorts of places, ‘talking’ to the reader all the time, who won’t be able to resist lifting the flaps to find out what’s going on.  Eventually the cats discover the dog is not as bad as they feared and we’re all invited to be his friend too.  The illustrations are lively and colourful and the interactive elements brilliantly engage the reader. It’s a lovely, funny story and a perfect addition to Viviane Schwarz’s previous cat stories, There are cats in this book and There are no cats in this book.


there is a dog in this book



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