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the bookshelf highlights great reads by a range of children & young people's authors. Click on the book covers to read the reviews! If you have a suggestion or would like to a review a book for the bookshelf please email thebookactivist@gmail.com. Happy reading!

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We're really delighted to have a guest review for the bookshelf by Harry!  He is an avid reader, loves books and loves talking about books - just our sort of chap!  


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J K Rowling

"I loved this book because it is a book from my favourite series and it is all about a wizard named Harry Potter.  This is the second book and the Chamber of Secrets has been opened which was a chamber made by an evil wizard, Salazar Slytherin.  It was opened 50 years ago and now somebody has opened it again! Attacks start to happen. People start to get paralysed.  Nobody knows who or what is doing these attacks. Whatever it is, it is dangerous and needs to be stopped by Harry Potter and fast!!!!


This book is my favourite book ever and I have read A LOT of books! Before you read this, I would recommend you read the first book from the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Harry Potter books have won many awards and been translated into many different languages.  


J K Rowling is my favourite author because of the style of the books are written in and the story line.  GET READING HARRY POTTER!!!!  If I rated the book I would give it 5/5!!!”


Harry, age 10.

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