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Everyone has the potential to develop a lifelong love for reading.  Among the reading challenges facing children and young people today is book choice. The National Literacy Trust’s annual survey in 2013/2014* revealed that 32% of children and young people do not read because they cannot find something that interests them.  Given the amazing array of children's literature available today, in a huge variety of formats and genres, this is something that needs to be addressed urgently.  


Equipped with a huge knowledge of children’s books, ideas for inspiring reading, an understanding of the concerns children have about reading,  and of course,  a travelling bookcase, The Book Activist can give focused support for reading through bookchat. 

Bookchat can be adapted for festivals and community events,  groups & individuals in schools and for one to one support at home. Parents and school staff can also benefit from ideas given to help support young readers. Most suitable for children aged 8 and upwards, bookchat includes:


  • One to one guidance on choosing books

  • Tips for developing a reading habit

  • Bespoke reading suggestions

  • Support for parents/teachers to help encourage reading


Bookchat workshops provide focused reader development skills for children in school, giving them the encouragement they need to become more successful readers.  Aimed at Year 3 and above, bookchat workshops can include everything from how to choose a book, indentifying genre, books variety (picture books, graphic novels, short stories etc) and even how to get the best from your school library!


It is essential children are given the opportunity to interact with a range of book styles and genres, so they can discover their own reading interests, helping them become confident, independent readers.

A bookchat will inspire children to discover the joy of reading, enabling them to share their reading experiences, increasing their knowledge of books and setting them on the path to a lifetime of reading for pleasure.  For more information and to discuss your requirements, please email thebookactivist@gmail.com.

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"The children loved the workshop, they are now so much more motivated to read and explore books - children that used to say that they didn't like reading are now asking to go to the library!"

Year 6 Teacher, Warden Park Primary Academy

“Bookchat has truly transformed her appetite for reading, and her reading habits. She was immediately enthused and started reading that very evening.”

Mum on daughter aged 9.



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The Bookchat Roadshow

an event for parents and carers to help them encourage their children's reading and writing. Find out more.