Inspiring children's reading and writing for pleasure!

For schools

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We want to help you engage with your school community and provide support and encouragement for parents and carers in the all important areas of reading and creative writing for pleasure. Would you like to host the next Bookchat Roadshow? All you need to do is provide the space, seating and spread the word we're coming to visit; we'll do the rest! You'll also benefit from author workshops given by our participating authors. See here for previous events. If you're interested in hosting, get in touch!

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If you are interested in participating in or supporting the Bookchat Roadshow, get in touch!  

Find out more about our previous events in July 2017 and October 2016 on the Book Activist blog!


"All the speakers were so interesting, funny & passionate about their subject.

I came away feeling inspired!"


"I could have spent all day listening to the fantastic speakers and authors.

It was absolutely brilliant!"

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For individuals and organisations

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We want to help you reach parents and carers and all those who support children’s creativity. Do you offer an educational service? Are you involved in publishing children’s books? Are you an author who loves to share your passion for reading and writing?  Does your organisation offer support for children's creative development? If you think your organisation fits the bill, get involved; come and participate in the Bookchat Roadshow -  email [email protected] telling us what you do and maybe you can be involved in the next event! See here for previous events.

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The Bookchat Roadshow is a non-profit event designed for school communities bringing together authors, industry experts and people passionate about children's reading and writing for pleasure.  With inspirational talks and an author panel bookchat, plus fantastic exhibitors, we give children, parents & carers and teachers a huge range of ideas to encourage creativity, acting as a signpost to all the wonderful resources available. We bring this all to YOU!


"Attendance for parents should be compulsory! It was inspirational!"

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All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.

All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.

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All photographs courtesy of Adam Hollingworth Photography.