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Amazing Authors in August!

Summer is finally here! In three words, tell us how are you spending your summer this year?!

Walking. Writing. Editing.


Childhood memories - what was summertime in your childhood like?

I remember them as long and hot and lazy. Lots of time outdoors getting wet and muddy. Six weeks seemed to last forever.


Where would you most like to Get Caught Reading this summer & why?

'Beck' by Mal Peet. I’ve been putting off reading it until I have the time and space to give it my full attention.  I want to savour every single word.


You create amazing characters in your books! Which one would you choose to spend summer with & why?

Most of my characters live very eventful lives and I’m not sure I’d really want to spend the summer with them!  For peace and quiet I think I would have to chose Flotsam and Jetsam (they live on a beach – that would be nice…).


Reading is the ultimate escape! Which book ‘world’ would you escape to for summer & why?

“Stig of the Dump.”  I want to be there on Midsummer’s Night, when the dump is nothing more than a scratch on the hillside and all the cavemen come back.


Summer survival - name the three most essential things you take on holiday?

Books. Books. More books.


Summertime selfie – who would you have a selfie with this summer & why? (Fictional, historical or alive today) 

Barack and Michelle Obama. Because they’ve been such absolute superstars and the world is going to miss them.


Summertime travel – train, plane, automobile or other?

Horse drawn caravan.


Inside or outside - best place to be creative in the summer?



Stuck on permanent summer vacation? What three books would you choose to have with you?

Eeek!  That’s a tricky one. I could be DAYS trying to work out an answer to that, but I have a synopsis to write. So… Erm… I think probably Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Pride and Prejudice and Stig of the Dump.



Thank you for participating - have a great summer!

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We wanted to find out what some of our amazing authors get up to in the summer months! Are they furiously writing their next masterpiece, surfing the seven seas, trekking through the Himalayas or curled up in the sun with a good book? Read on to find out more...



Tanya Landman


Tanya Landman is an award winning author of many books. Having grown up climbing trees, immersing heself in nature and often being mistake for a boy, she now spends her time writing fantastic books for children and young adults. Tanya was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 2015 for ‘Buffalo Soldier’, a story based on the experiences of freed slaves who had little choice but to join the US army or face life in absolute poverty, at the end of American Civil War.

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