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Amazing Authors in August!


Summer is finally here! In three words, tell us how are you spending your summer this year?!

Parenting, reading, editing.


Childhood memories - what was summertime in your childhood like?

Long days at the beach exploring rock pools, building sandcastles and splashing in waves.


Where would you most like to Get Caught Reading this summer & why?

The beach. I grew up near the ocean but now live in the mountains so I love returning to the coast in the summer.


You create amazing characters in your books! Which one would you choose to spend summer with & why?

Indigo. Spending a summer with him would guarantee adventure, mystery, monsters and dragons.


Reading is the ultimate escape! Which book ‘world’ would you escape to for summer & why?

Great question. I’ve always fancied having a daemon and riding on an armoured bear, although a relaxing summer on the river bank watching the wind in the willows is very appealing too.


Summer survival - name the three most essential things you take on holiday?

Books, pens and paper.


Summertime selfie – who would you have a selfie with this summer & why? (Fictional, historical or alive today)

Fictional: Skellig. Historical: Rosa Parks. Alive today: I can’t decide between the Dalai Lama and David Attenborough.


Summertime travel – train, plane, automobile or other?

I love a good road trip.


Inside or outside - best place to be creative in the summer?

Outside. Without a doubt. A huge amount of my inspiration comes from the natural world.


Stuck on permanent summer vacation? What three books would you choose to have with you?

His Dark Materials (can I take the whole trilogy?), The Hobbit, and Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin because that is my current read and I have to finish it!



Thank you for participating - have a great summer!

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We wanted to find out what some of our amazing authors get up to in the summer months! Are they furiously writing their next masterpiece, surfing the seven seas, trekking through the Himalayas or curled up in the sun with a good book? Read on to find out more...



Sofi Croft


Sofi was born and brought up in Swansea and spent most of her youth exploring the beaches on the Gower peninsula looking for evidence of sea monsters. Sofi Croft is the author of Indigo's Dragon, a YA fantasy series,  blending mystical and fantastical with reality – in the mountains of England and Poland published by Accent Press’s new imprint, Accent YA.

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