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Amazing Authors in August!

Summer is finally here! In three words, tell us how are you spending your summer this year?!

Outside. Reading. Lollies.


Childhood memories - what was summertime in your childhood like?

We rode bikes, ran through fields, rivers and parks. We had no phones and had to listen out for our mother shouting for us when it was time for tea! We had water fights, ate jubblies (cartons of frozen juice), climbed trees and played on big tree swings. We listened to music on a big cassette player, and at the end of the summer day, we went home, ate our tea, had a bath, and went to bed, itching with excitement to get up the following morning and do the same thing again! We didn't have half the toys, technology, money or opportunities that children have these days, but I wouldn't have swapped it if I could do it all again


Where would you most like to Get Caught Reading this summer & why?

There is some common ground in Pontypridd, and on this ground is a massive prehistoric Rocking Stone, surrounded by a special stone circle. The place is rumoured to magical, and it overlooks the entire town. Just a little bit off from the stones, snuggled away in some long grass and flowers, is a quiet little bench. That's where you'll catch me reading.


You create amazing characters in your books! Which one would you choose to spend summer with & why?

Karra. Mainly because she's a bit naughty, and I know she would make me laugh my head off for the entire summer! :-)


Reading is the ultimate escape! Which book ‘world’ would you escape to for summer & why?

Oooo! That's a good question! I think it would have to be Never Never Land. Yes. Definitely Never Land! I'd love that!


Summer survival - name the three most essential things you take on holiday?

Book. Camera. Hairbrush.


Summertime selfie – who would you have a selfie with this summer & why? (Fictional, historical or alive today)

Marilyn Monroe.


Summertime travel – train, plane, automobile or other?

Plane or a cool camper van.


Inside or outside - best place to be creative in the summer?



Stuck on permanent summer vacation? What three books would you choose to have with you?

I can't answer that! It's too much pressure! There are too many to choose from! *covers eyes*


Thank you for participating - have a great summer!

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We wanted to find out what some of our amazing authors get up to in the summer months! Are they furiously writing their next masterpiece, surfing the seven seas, trekking through the Himalayas or curled up in the sun with a good book? Read on to find out more...



Maria Grace

Maria Grace was born in Caerphilly. She now lives in Pontypridd with her partner, her daughter, and her shih-tzu Bella. Maria studied Creative Writing at The University of South Wales, where she was awarded the Stella Levi Prize for Academic Excellence. She then completed a PGCE. She was one of fifteen selected for the inaugural Curtis Brown Creative novel-writing course. In her spare time you can find Maria watching reality TV with her sass-queen daughter, walking the dog with her true gentleman of a partner or making up her own mocktail recipes in the kitchen. White Petals is her debut novel published by Firefly Press.


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