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Amazing Authors in August!

Summer is finally here! In three words, tell us how are you spending your summer this year?!

Chasing my dog.


Childhood memories - what was summertime in your childhood like?

We lived on a farm so it was hard work bringing in the harvest. Lots of sunburn and horsefly bites.


Where would you most like to Get Caught Reading this summer & why?

On a cliff top in West Cornwall. I love the sea so when I go away I love to spend as much time seeing, smelling and experiencing the ocean. I love clifftop walks, body boarding and lazing on the beach.


You create amazing characters in your books! Which one would you choose to spend summer with & why?

Becca. She is the main character in the book I’m writing at the moment. She is a loyal friend with a vulnerable side. She would love to walk my dog and would probably train him better than I have done.


Reading is the ultimate escape! Which book ‘world’ would you escape to for summer & why?

I’m not a great fantasy fan and a lot of ‘real world’ fiction settings are a bit grim. But I remember reading Shogun as a teenager and I would absolutely love to go to Japan. I have no idea what the weather is like at this time of year but I’d put up with a lot to visit.


Summer survival - name the three most essential things you take on holiday?

Kindle, homemade lemon polenta cake, notebook with pen.


Summertime selfie – who would you have a selfie with this summer & why? (Fictional, historical, alive today)

Morrissey – but I suspect he doesn’t pose for selfies with his fans. The selfie hadn’t been invented back in the day but I can see the appeal of showing the world ‘I was there! Up close and personal with my idol!’


Summertime travel – train, plane, automobile or other?

Car unfortunately. I’ve travelled a lot on trains recently and when they run smoothly they are fantastic, but when they go wrong – oh my!


Inside or outside - best place to be creative in the summer?

Either as long as it is quiet. I find it hard to be creative when there are other people around. I like to talk to myself which can be a bit weird for people who don’t know me.


Stuck on permanent summer vacation? What three books would you choose to have with you?

The Secret History by Donna Tarte

The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner




Thank you for participating - have a great summer!

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We wanted to find out what some of our amazing authors get up to in the summer months! Are they furiously writing their next masterpiece, surfing the seven seas, trekking through the Himalayas or curled up in the sun with a good book? Read on to find out more...



Jo Franklin


"Jo Franklin went to a boarding school, which was nothing like Hogwarts. As she was never alone she had plenty of time for reading and making up stories in her head. After ten years of making camps in the woods with her own children, Jo wrote Help! I’m an Alien and like all true aliens, she is aiming for world domination with two more titles to come in the Help! series. Jo lives in South London, and is available for school and bookshop events"


Find out more about Jo on her website or o

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