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Amazing Authors in August!

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We wanted to find out what some of our amazing authors get up to in the summer months! Are they furiously writing their next masterpiece, surfing the seven seas, trekking through the Himalayas or curled up in the sun with a good book? Read on to find out more...



A F Harrold

Summer is finally here! In three words, tell us how are you spending your summer this year?

Poems. Cats. Poems. 


Childhood memories - what was summertime in your childhood like?

They had more bikes in, I remember that much. More fresh air. More just hanging around in the street, pedalling manically. Occasionally we’d go on holiday, to a caravan in a farmyard, or a caravan in a field and it would rain for a week.


Where would you most like to Get Caught Reading this summer & why?

Just sitting in the garden, with a cool lemonade and the cats attacking my feet. Why? It’s a nice garden, and it’s close to home.


You create amazing characters in your books! Which one would you choose to spend summer with & why?

I suppose if I had to I’d go and stay with the circus from the Fizzlebert Stump books. It would be an interesting thing to be around for a summer, and I might get roped into performing in the show.


Reading is the ultimate escape! Which book ‘world’ would you escape to for summer & why?

The planet at the end of Reeves & McIntyre’s Cakes In Space, because it’s new and unexplored. 


Summer survival - name the three most essential things you take on holiday?

Books. Money. Books. 


Summertime selfie – who would you have a selfie with this summer & why? (Fictional, historical, alive today)

Whoever asked for one.


Summertime travel – train, plane, automobile or other?

Depends where we’re going. Some places don’t have train stations. Some places are too close to fly to. And I never learnt to drive. So let’s find out who else is coming and where we’re going and make a plan from there.


Inside or outside - best place to be creative in the summer?

Inside if I’m writing. Outside if I’m thinking.


Stuck on permanent summer vacation? What three books would you choose to have with you?

A big dictionary. A big poetry anthology. A big, blank notebook.



Thank you for participating - have a great summer!

"A.F. Harrold is a performance poet based in Reading. He was Glastonbury Festival Website's Poet-In-Residence in 2008, and Poet-In-Residence at Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2010. He is active in schools work, running workshops and slams and doing performances at ungodly hours of the morning, and has published several collections of poetry. He is the owner of many books, a handful of hats, a few good ideas and one beard." A. F. Harrold's books include the fantastic Fizzlebert Stump stories, the latest of which 'Fizzlebert Stump & the Great Supermarket Showdown', is shortly to be published later this month by Bloomsbury.


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