A. F. Harrold


"I’m very pleased to be taking part in the Roadshow, because I like to read and I liked to read when I was younger too, and sometimes it’s nice to share those things that make you happy. In this day and age the empathy and other-person’s-shoe-ness that reading, both fiction and non-fiction, can help nurture and grow inside a human heart cannot be a bad thing to encourage, so let’s encourage it."  


A.F. Harrold is a poet and performer who also writes fiction for children. He’s the author of the Fizzlebert Stump series (illustrated by Sarah Horne), The Imaginary (illustrated by Emily Gravett) and The Song From Somewhere Else (illustrated by Levi Pinfold). His children’s poetry collection, Things You Find In A Poet’s Beard is illustrated by Chris Riddell. The first Fizzlebert Stump book was chosen as 2017’s Young City Reads book in Brighton and Hove, and The Imaginary was longlisted for both the Carnegie and the Greenaway in 2016. His new book, Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space (illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton) comes out in September. Find out more at


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Picture credit: Naomi Woddis